Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HGUC RGZ-95C ReZel Type-C (Defenser b-unit)

This is a new gundam model kit which I got from TRU. This model comes from the Unicorn Gundam series. There are a few reasons why I got this model. 1) It does not look like the normal Gundam Mobile Suit. 2) It can transform from a robot to a vehicle called Wave Rider. 3) It has very little colors on it. 4) The orange on the box art looks nice.

This is how the kit should look like when it is completed.


I was a bit disappointed in the orange when I opened the kit. It was very dull. So I decided to paint over the orange to a much brighter orange using markers. There are Gundam markers available for painting but the cost is too high. So I turn to other alternatives.
Since there are sharpies and some other markers laying around the house, I took those and tried it on the orange runner. The orange I used was brighter but the only problem is that is was not permanent and can be rubbed off. Left the orange on the runner for 24 hrs hoping it would dry but it didn't.

So comes the next solution to the factory orange. Change the color of the kit to either bronze or red. Since I could not decide which color would look nicer on the white and off white part of the kit, I printed the pictures above and did a test run.

This is how the kit will look like when it is done. Decided to use red instead of bronze. I feel red looks nicer and more aggressive. Have completed the bottom 1/2 of the kit and it looks good.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

List of online stores

Here are a list of online stores.

Hobby Link Japan, Japan
Ami Ami, Japan
Hobby Search, Japan
Rakuten, Japan
SMS Hobby Store, Hong Kong
GSB, China
GSM, China
Dream Cast, China
Hobby Fan, USA
Gunplasg, Singapore
G Wing Online, Malaysia

Rare and exclusive items:
GG Infinite
Mandarake Online, Japan
Gentei Kits, Japan.

Ako Creation, Korea
Samuel Decal, USA
mgs2u, Malaysia

If you have any websites which isn't listed here, do let me know so this post can be updated  to help other modellers.

Do take note that I do not take responsibility if a deal goes bad. You are responsible for any sale transaction. Always practise caveat emptor mentality. If a deal is too good to be true, it usually is.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi and welcome,

Mentioned in the old blog, I wanted this blog to write about all my other hobbies and happenings in my life. This is blog is a form of record of all my progress for all the hobbies or things I'm interested in. Trust me, I'm interested in a lot of things. Just no time to get around doing most of it. Just a little info on what are the things I'm interested in doing:

1 - Riding bike
2 - Plamos
3 - Diving
4 - Photography
5 - Learning Kenjitsu
6 - Collecting toys/figures
7 - Exploring the world
8 - Exploring the world on a bike

Those are the ones from the top of my head. Out of the 8, I'm only doing 3: Plamos, photography and collecting toys. More on plamos and less on the other 2. So for the time being, this is going to be a blog about mainly plamo (plastic models) until I get into other hobbies. I have some experience in building plamo but not an expert. I am however reasonable new to gunplay (gundam plastic) models. My kits are mainly OOB (out of box) build but recently started painting them.

Got the interest of building models when I was at a very young age. Started with the wooden models and then moved into plastic modelling. If I'm not mistaken, my first kit was a simple model helicopter which I got as a present. Built a few military vehicles, mainly tanks, aeroplane and helicopters. After that life took over and I had to give up plamo.

Got back into plamo a few years ago when I saw the 30th Anniversary PG Aile Strike Gundam. I did not know about the different grades back then. After completing the model, the plamo fever got to me  and have been buying and fixing gunpla ever since. Tried to stop a few times but is like an addiction which I cannot give up.

I also have interest in collecting other toys/figures. Currently in my collection are Transformers and some figures from Final Fantasy. I hope to also increase this part of my collection but the main problem with collecting toys and figures are the space constrain.

In this blog, I hope to show gunpla models which I have completed. There will also be WIPs for the models I am working on and there will also be review on other toys and hobbies besides plamo.

Photos are mostly taken with my phone because I will usually work anywhere on my current kit. I apologise in advance if the photos are not clear. Comments are always welcome. Most of all do enjoy this blog and sorry for the lengthy opening post
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