Monday, August 7, 2017

Metal Earth: Destroyer Droid

Patience is the key to success 
The last Metal Earth kit done was the AT-AT back in 2015. There are more kits available but I was not allowed to get them until I have completed all the backlog. This time round I will be building the Destroyer Droid.
Front and back of the packaging.
Same as the AT-AT, it comes with 2 metal sheets and an instruction sheet.

The way the instructions was designed is to build the model in different parts and then combine them to the final kit.

Part A. The lower torso of the droid

Part B is the hull and the upper section of the droid.

Part C are for the legs and they are the last part for the first page of the instructions.
A nice metal base with the destroyer droid name engraved into it.
After completing Part C, you will need to attached it together to both parts A and B and the base.
A 360° view of the partially completed model. This is how the model will look like after completing the first page of the instructions. The only thing left are the guns.
Guns and the connector to piece them all together
How the model looks like before attaching completed section of the 2 pages together
360° look of the completed model
As usual, below is a list of all the pros and cons and the conclusion of what I think about the both the kits according to my personal experience.
- Nice display kit
- Tons of details
- Display stand with the name

- Fragile pieces
- No indication of which part to assemble first
- Lots of rounded parts

The first time I started work on this kit was a challenge. I totally forgotten how small the parts and pieces were since the last time I did a metal kit was in 2015. It is a challenging but fun kit to build. There are lots of hunting around for stuff to bend the circular pieces. What is more important is the patience required as some parts are hard to bend the tabs and also for the tabs to be inserted into the holes. The good thing is if you mess up a rounded piece, there are spare for you.

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