Saturday, November 28, 2015

RG Exia - WIP 4

Confusion leads to mistake

On to the next and final part for the RG Exia (excluding the weapons) after completing the body.

Parts of the hand
With all the nub marks removed, inner frame of the hand is actually very simple. All you have to do is to remove the wrist which is the same process as the RG RX 78-2. After removing the wrist, just bend the inner frame up to lock some pieces together and viola! A completed inner frame.
The only difference between this inner frame and the one with the RG RX 78-2 is that the Exia inner frame requires a foil sticker followed by the clear blue transparent piece.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

RG Exia - WIP 3

The Fantastic Four
Mentioned in the previous post, the waist and the chest are next. Original plan was to do both the waist and chest in different post but when I looked through the manual, I found it pointless to do them separately.
Tools on stand-by for the nub removal process for the waist and chest parts
With all the nubs removed, the next stage is to assemble the inner frame.
Top 3: Chest inner frame
Bottom 3: Waist inner frame

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Updates (7)

New stock, new loot and some truth
Recently the stock came for two kits which was in my wishlist. There was limited stock for both kits but I was a bit strapped for cash so I just enquired about the price and availability for both kits. The owner mentioned that one of the kits only has 2 sets and one set was picked up earlier in the day. I then asked which branch has the other kit left and went about my day waiting for his reply.
Later I got a reply and he mentioned there is still one kit left at the branch in town and he told his staff to reserve it for me together with the other kit in my wish list. Curious to know what was in my wishlist which I managed to get my hands on?
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