Friday, February 27, 2015

SD Epyon - WIP 5

Final leg of painting

Now that the main MS was completed in the previous post, it is time to work on the wings and weapons. As with the other parts of the kit, the wings was also given 2 choices. I decided to go with the transparent wings.
 Different option for the wings
As can be seen, the wings are all moulded in red color. Some black is required to make it stand out more so out comes the black Sharpie. If you notice by now, I'm only using Sharpies and other normal markers to detail up the plamo. I'm currently on a tight budget and using whatever I can find at home first while learning the painting process.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SD Epyon - WIP 4

50 shades of red
First thing first. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and may the Goat year be good to you this year. This post will be building the main parts of the Epyon after getting all the red paint issue settled.
Parts of the feet before assembly
The feet will have 3 different red colors to it. The feet is the first attempt using Candy Red. Decided to leave it as it is as mentioned in the previous post. The gold were painted using Monami Metellic Gold instead of Sharpie. I find the Monami marker tip to be thinner and less chances of being messy. With that said, somehow the Monami Marker I used was faulty. After using it once, the paint will accumulate and form a big drop at the tip of the marker. I wasn't careful the first time it happened and I ended up with half the pieces covered in gold.
Eyes of the dragon

Sunday, February 15, 2015

SD Epyon - WIP 3

 Red everywhere with a bit of black and gold in between
I have decided which section to paint the red, candy red and which section to use the transparent parts. First thing I wanted to do was to try the Candy Red from Anchor. Before using, I thought the Candy red will come out nice and shiny until I sprayed over the red parts. It looks more like clear red than the actual candy red color so I would need a base coat of silver, gold or chrome. I guess I will have to re-spray the parts with a chrome base coat and see the difference. I guess from now the paint will be known as clear red instead of candy red.
Parts of Epyon painted in Candy Red. 1st attempt

Saturday, February 14, 2015

SD Epyon - WIP 2

This kit has a what?!?!
Mentioned in the last post that this kit comes with both clear and normal parts, I decided to put both of them on the kit. Just need to see which part needs the clear and which parts are for the normal armor. Another idea which came to mind is to paint some of the normal armor with candy red and leave some in the normal red. Meaning this kit will have 3 different colors. Still deciding so the best method is to snap fit and see how it all goes together.

After arranging the parts into their respective boxes, as usual I'll start with the legs and work my way up. Since this is an SD kit, the legs should be easy to assemble but there is another surprise in this kit. I'm sure you won't be able to guess since this is not common in an SD kit. No matter what I have to build this part of the surprise first before I continue building the kit. Does this give you any idea on what the surprise might be?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

SD Epyon - WIP 1

A twist in the kit

I've decided to start a new kit to take a break from the bad luck I've been having with the RG RX 78-2 Gundam. The kit I decided to build is the SD Epyon from Silver Castle (SC). This is the first time I've heard of this company. Here are the photos of the box:
Gimmicks of the kit

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mechanicore MAS-15 Zerstore (Unboxing)

Limited release 3rd party kit

This is the unboxing of the highly anticipated 3rd party kit. The Mechanicore MAS-15 Zerstore or known as the RX-105 Ξ Gundam (aka Xi Gundam, Xi, Ξ, RX-105, pronounced "Ksee") "Xi" gundam in the gundam universe. So far there are only 2 batches which is limited to 1500 units for batch 1 and 2000 units for batch 2.
There is also a premium included depending the batch ordered.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

RG RX 78-2 - WIP 5

Problems after problems
With the legs, waist, chest and backpack completed, it is now time to do the arms and finally the head before proceeding to either the core fighter or weapons.

Parts of the arms in the box and laid out before assembly process
There was a small grey part which was missing for both arms and a small black part for the right arm. I only notice the parts were missing when I was assembling. I had no idea how they went missing because when I was cutting them off the runners, all were counted for. I started searching high and low for the parts and eventually found them. The black part was on the table, the right arm grey part was in my bag and the left arm part was in hidden in the box.
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