Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eggplane YF-19 - WIP 8 (Final)

YF-19 prepare to sortie
Since completing the assembly in the previous post, this post will be showing the completed kit and a comparison difference between an OOB build and a painted kit.
Top view of the completed YF-19
Back view of the completed YF-19

360° view of plane. I decided to take the picture with the plane 'standing' so it is easier to show all the details of the plane.
A little comparison between the OOB (Out Of Box) build and the painted and decaled kit. All the images of the unpainted kit are from
There are a few reasons why I got this kit. 1) It looks cute as a display. 2) Trying to improve my painting skills. 3) Got a bit tired of building Gundams. 4) Getting back to the root of how I started model kit. Now that I have completed this project, below is a list of all the pros and cons and the conclusion of what I think about this kit according to my personal experience.
- Cute
- Lots of decals
- Lots of parts requires hand painting

- Some parts requires glue
- Decal guide needs improvement
- Decal quality not as good as Bandai
- Requires strength to assemble small and breakable parts

Overall this kit requires lots of paint job to bring out it's full potential. As can be seen in the photos above, the kit out of the box comes in only two colors and some clear parts. The final result after painting and decaling very satisfying and you get a very cute plane on the display. I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants to go into plane modeling, painting or anyone who wants to start scale modeling.
All WIPs for the Eggplane YF-19:
WIP 1 - One small kit to another
WIP 2 - Major round of hand painting
WIP 3 - Another major round of hand painting
WIP 4 - Lots and lots of gluing required
WIP 5 - Decaling does make a difference
WIP 6 - An alternative approach
WIP 7 - Pay egg-stra attention to instructions in the manual

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