Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Decool 3354 Motorcycle - WIP 2 (Final)

Where's the stand? Find the stand !!
In the previous post, the engine block or the heart of the motorcycle has been completed so the only way to start this post is with the heart implant.

Front tyre, lights and handlebars:

The suspension for the front tyre

The most important piece in the entire build. Without this, the set cannot be completed

The front and the body of the bike separated only by one small piece
How the completed bike looks like but there seems to be a problem standing it upright.
The stand is provided but it is not indicated in the manual. On a normal bike the stand is located on the right side but since this is a LEGO production bike, it is located on the left. I tried to relocate the stand to the right side but it got stuck with the gears so I had to moved it back to the original position.
The hidden stand

The stand in the down position.
Finally the bike can stand on it's own
Front and back view of the handlebar
Fixed the handlebar into the bike. Not sure if you can see the blue circle in the above photo. That is where the fuel tank will be attached to
The only printed piece. The fuel tank.
With the fuel tank assembled, the entire motorcycle is completed. Below are some photos of the completed set. First I would like to apologise for the messy background in some of the photos.
The fuel tank piece can be lifted.
To conclude this review, below is a list of all the pros and cons and the conclusion of what I think about this set according to my personal experience.
- Parts goes well together
- Working pistons
- Gears goes well together
- Has a great balance

- Some force is needed to assemble some parts
- Need to find the correct gear positions
- Uses stickers

I fell in love with LEGO Technics since I started building my first set many many moons ago. I still have all the Technics sets from the olden days. The thing I love about Technics more than Lego is because of the working mechanics and how it all comes together. There are a few reasons why I stop buying Technics. One of them is the price and the other is the models which are released.

When I saw this set, I wanted to try because it is cheaper and also I love motorcycle. All I can say is this kit is not a disappointment. All the pieces goes well together and the gears works flawlessly. There are a few fitting issue but nothing a bit of force cannot solve. Something to keep in mind when building this is to make sure that there are some gaps between the body and the gear for a smooth working of gears. I would recommend this kit for those who are into Technics or want to dip their toes into the Technic water. If you are able and willing to spend more, please buy and support the original.
All WIPs for the Decool 3354 Motorcycle:
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