Thursday, December 31, 2015

RG Exia - WIP 10 (Final)

 Make the last post of the year a good one
Usually I will end the review and WIP of the kit after going through the weapons. For this kit, I suddenly had an idea which is very obvious but did not occur to me. This post I will do some poses with the Exia. This will also give you a brief idea on how posable this kit is.
Usually I do not pose my kits much because 1) I do not know how to pose and 2) I'm scared of the paint chipping. Decided to tackle the first issue which is posing. What I did was follow the poses shown in the manual.
The first pose to cover will be the beam saber handle attached at the back skirt. Believe it or not, Exia is able to reach the back beam saber handle.

Front and back view of Exia reaching for the back beam saber

If Exia is able to reach for the back handle, I'm sure he is able to reach for the handle at the back of the shoulder armor. Sadly no pictures were taken for that pose.
Since Exia has already reached for the beam saber handle, I will start the poses with a single beam saber and followed by dual wield.

Single wield

Dual wield
Next weapon for Exia will be the GN Long and Short Blade.

Exia with GN Short Blade and a beam saber
GN Long and Short Blade

The final weapon will be the shield and the GN Sword. First off will be the GN Sword in sword mode...

...followed by the GN Sword in rifle mode.

There are more poses which Exia can do especially with a display base. These are just some simple action poses from the manual. To conclude this review, below is a list of all the pros and cons and the conclusion of what I think about the kit according to my personal experience.
- Plated weapons
- No polycaps
- Highly articulated

- Lots of little small pieces
- Some parts are hard to assemble
- Loose hip joints
- Loose 'antennas'

This is a great kit to have. I enjoyed the entire build but as with all the kits in the RG line, there are lots of small pieces. Make sure you are extra careful when cutting pieces off from the runner. The only thing I find irritating are the antenna on the shoulder. They are loose and likes to fall back. The only thing I find lacking with the Exia if compared to the Justice, RX 78-2 and Mk-II Titans are the decals. After building this kit, I now know why there are so many Exia fans.

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