Friday, October 17, 2014

SD Blaze Zaku Phantom - WIP 6 (Final)

A changed mind-set
Since the backpack was painted and assembled in the previous post, now is time to complete this kit.

Parts of the kit before final assembly


Zaku with heat axe:
The color effect of the axe does look nice. As can be seen from the photos above, there are many options for the Zaku to store the axes. I will mostly keep the axes stored in the shield. It does look menacing with the blade sticking out. Reminds me of Sinanju.
Zaku with gun:

I'm surprised with the mobility of the hands for this SD kit. Although holding the gun with 2 hands limits its poses, I'm still surprised that a SD kit is able to do that. The only place the gun can be stored is at the back of the Zaku.
Zaku with backpack:
Zaku with fully deployed backpack:
I have to admit that this version of the Zaku does look nice especially with the backpack fully deployed. It also has a lot of colour separation so the kit doesn't look dull. The articulation of the newer SDs are a lot better than the older ones I use to built 5 years ago. BanDai has really improved a lot since then. There are also more details on the newer SD kits.
From the photos, I'm glad that I've bought the wrong color for the shield and part of the leg. The different color does make a different to this kit. Building this kit has changed my opinion of monoeye kits. I use to only like Gundam kits and seldom go for Zakus due to their monoeye but somehow this kit opened my eye. Gundam kits are all the same colors but monoeye kits are very colourful and eye catching.
I guess I will be on a lookout for more monoeye kits. Next kit to get might be a MG Gelgoog or MG Dom. I have some ideas on how to modify it but that will be a story for another day. For now, it is best to clear the long list of backlog kits before adding more to it.
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