Saturday, June 28, 2014

HG Red Frame (Flight Unit) - WIP 15 (Final)

This is the final part for the Red Frame (Flight Unit). In this post, the entire arsenal of the RF will be shown and how he will carry it into battle. First off as mentioned in the previous post, I shall give the Red Frame a new name. Been thinking of a name for a long time and I feel this name is appropriate. I present to you the Shinobi Astray Red Frame Seven Swords (Flight Unit).

Why the name Seven Swords? If you remember correctly, there are a total of seven swords built in this entire process. First is the Gerbera Straight, next would be the 2 Caletvwichs and followed by 2 katanas from the Builders Part. If you are counting, the total comes up to 5. Where are the other 2 swords? They are the 2 beam sabers on the back of the kit. Hence the name Seven Swords.

Here is a photo of the RF with all his weapons lined up:

Photos of the RF with the flight unit and all the weapons attached:

Finally this is how the RF will be displayed on the shelf:


This is the first fully painted kit and the process was fun. It was a bit tedious to sometimes determine which parts should be what color. In the end, after looking at the finished product, I'm happy to see it completed and how it turns out. With the flight unit and standard weapons, the RF is perfectly balanced.

The RF is also very poseable. It looks good with any weapons in its hand. Another good thing is that this kit has a lot of different weapons for it to equip. The main reason most people get this is the Gerbera Straight. It is also one of the reason I came back into gunpla. I just like anything with a sword.

The best part of this kit (besides the Gerbera Straight) is that it has the Caletvwich as an add-on. This add-on really makes the kit stand out more. Also mentioned in Part 10, the Caletvwich has lots of different combination if you have 2 of them. The best part is that the RF is able to hold 2 Caletvwiches without any problems.

All that is different once the Caletvwich is at the center of the flight unit. It becomes back heavy. You can even out the weight by placing both Caletvwiches at the side of the flight unit where the new katanas are.

Another thing to note is the shield and gun stored at the flight unit. It makes the figure tilt to one side. They should have given 2 pegs instead of one. At least that way the gun and shield can be stored one side each to even out the weight.

The kit really looks different when given a full paint job. The only downside is the paint chipping when trying to do some dynamic poses. I guess that cannot be avoided. I looked at the net and saw those modellers with painted kits have limited action poses of their models. I feel this kit should at least come with a display stand.

Previous parts of the HG Red Frame Flight Unit:

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