Saturday, June 27, 2015

ToyWorld TW-D01: Roar - Part 2 (Final)

Major back problem

Mentioned in Part 1, there is a gap found at Roar's tail. Managed to figure out the reason for the gap? Like for Muddy, everything has its place and the gap is meant for the sword.
Gap found at Roar's tail
To attach the sword, first you will have to split open the tail.
Split open tail with sword indentation

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ToyWorld TW-D01: Roar - Part 1

First but second
Taking a break after working on the katanas for the PG Astray Red Frame and preparing the pieces for the leg, I decided to fulfil a promise made when I was reviewing Muddy. The promise is to do a review on Roar before the third figure is released . This is the first dinobot combiner to be released by ToyWorld (TW) but is the second to be reviewed. Roar is known as Snarl in the G1 cartoons.
Here are some fact about Snarl from Transformers Wiki: "Snarl is an unhappy, unsociable loner. He grudgingly follows Grimlock's orders and that's about it. He leaves thinking to others. He has few opinions and rarely expresses those he has. Snarl's uncommunicative nature only serves to fuel his sense of isolation. On top of all this, he hates the ungainly stegosaur form given him by the Ark and feels that the war on Earth means he may never see his beloved Cybertron again. Snarl is a profoundly unhappy being.
Only in war does Snarl feel happiness. Only the joy of combat washes away the ache in his spark, and lets him forget anything but the rising thrill of the fight. For these reasons Snarl revels in combat more than even his fellow Dinobots."

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PG Red Frame - WIP 6

A little comparison doesn't hurt
Since the metal katana and the Daban katana are at the same place at the same time, I thought it might be a good time to do a quick comparison between the two.
Left: Length comparison between the plastic (left) and metal (right) katana
Right: Details at the pommel
Left: Metal (top) and plastic (bottom) katana handle
Right: Details of the guard between the metal (left) and plastic (right) katana

Thursday, June 11, 2015

PG Red Frame - WIP 5

A display for something exquisite
With one set of the Gerbera Straight (Daban) done, I should start work on the second set but I could not bare to see the completed katana in the a plastic. Makes the Gerbera Straight looks like it has been abandoned. 
Completed Gerbera Straight kept in a plastic
The katana should have a place where it can be displayed to show its full glory:
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