Monday, November 24, 2014

Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn transformation

So that's how they do it
There are more updates available regarding the PG Unicorn. First off are more photos of this highly anticipated kit.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn photos and runners

Unicorn ! Unicorn Everywhere!
Here are more photos of PG Unicorn. The more I look at the photos the nicer Unicorn is. I feel the best mode to display is to get 3 Unicorns and display them each in their individual form. Now the question is who is willing to get me those Unicorns.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

HGUC MSV Zaku II - WIP 5 (Final)

Warning!! Damage acquired !!

In the previous post, we have completed the kit. Now is time for it to show off with it's weapons.
Zaku II and its armaments


Fine looking MS

In the previous post, we have completed the body and legs for this MS. It is time to give this MS hands to hold the weapon and finally the head to complete the kit. The hands are simple and straight forward. There are no hidden surprises here like the legs and body section. 
Parts of the right (left) and left (right) hand before assembly

P-Bandai PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam Full Armor Part Set

More Unicorn goodies...
Mentioned in the previous post, there is a P-Bandai PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam Full Armor Part Set. The F.A. set was displayed at the Gunpla Expo World Tour 2014 (Japan).
Release date: Jan 2015.
Price: 7020 yen.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn update 2

Big reveal..
Here is the PG Unicorn which everyone is waiting to have a look at. This is a short video (41 secs) and it shows the Destroy mode and 3rd form of the Unicorn. This looks promising and I hope those who wish to get their hands on this beast has already pre-ordered. As far as I know, all shops which are taking pre-order are now closed.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Perfect Grade 1/60 Unicorn update


Here is a teaser for the new upcoming Perfect Grade Unicorn. Released just a day before the Gunpla Expo 2014 in Akiba.

Watched this video more than once and everytime I watch it, I feel like getting the Unicorn. I guess this is the most anticipated kit of the year.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Not so straight forward build
Mentioned in the previous post, this post will be about the legs and body. There are some things in this build which was unexpected. This makes the kit more interesting (for me) and I wish Ban Dai has done more of this for more kits. In order to reveal the twist in this build, let's start building from the legs.
Parts of the legs before assembly
Section of the legs after assembly

Monday, November 10, 2014


Paint job
After taking a look at the manual and separating the parts into their respective boxes in the last post, this post will be about parts which requires painting. I did not take photos of how the pieces are before they were painted. All I can say is that they all come in one color. The amount of parts required for a paint job is not a lot. This is also true for the number of paints required. One thing I did differently are putting on the decals/stickers right after the paint job has been completed.
Parts that required a paint job
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