Saturday, January 11, 2014

Daban HG Sinanju - WIP 3

This is the 3rd WIP for the Daban HG Sinanju. Finished the head and flat coated it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Daban HG Sinanju - WIP 2

Didn't manage to separate the parts into their individual boxes. Instead of doing tht I finished the chest part for the Sinanju and coated it with top coat. After spraying top coat the paint can still be chipped off. Instead of doing what I normally do for most of the models, I decided to just complete the chest area to reduce the chance of having any more paint chipping off in future.

Daban HG Sinanju - WIP 1

Started working on the Daban Sinanju. Was suppose to separate the parts into individual boxes. Only managed to separate the chest area before I became itchy and started the painting process.

Before I decided to start this project, I read on the net that a few people said they had eye problems after painting the by Sinanju. I thought to myself it can't be that bad but changed my mind after I saw the parts. The parts are so small and I was wondering if I should use the stickers instead. I was also considering to use the metallic gold paint marker but didn't have the correct paint brush size.

Friday, January 3, 2014

TT Hongli / Gao Gao 1/60 Wing Gundam Custom Pearl Mirror Coating

As mentioned in the title, I just got myself a 1/60 Wing Gundam Custom. This is not from Bandai. It is a 3rd party brand from China. Since this is a Perfect Grade scale, I decided to get this instead of the MG version.
Image from ModelGundamShop

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