Thursday, February 21, 2019

Decool 7116 The Ultimate Batmobile - WIP 2 (Final)

The biggest brick set so far

In the previous post we have completed 2 of 4 boxes for the Batmobile. In this post we will continue with the final 2 and then the pros and cons and conclusion of this build.

Box 3:
As with the previous 2 boxes, box 3 also has 4 separate bags

More parts added onto the framework

This video shows the steering wheel being moved up and down

The engine gears

Engines and the mechanism for the ram installed

Sorry for the wrong rotation of the video. The video shows how the turning of the steering wheel moves the Bat ram to the up and down position

The seat looks very nice and posh. It gives off the very comfortable feel. The seat can be leaned forward. The video below will show how far it can be leaned

Almost completed Batmobile

Here at the end of Box 3 we can roughly see how the Batmobile will look like when it is finished.

Box 4:

The 2 ball joint on either side of the seat are for the bat wings. For now it has a wide rotation but when other parts are installed on it, the movement will be limited to only up and down

There is a mistake in the manual for step 78. One of the pieces printed is a wrong piece/rotation/direction. The actual piece required is the one circled at step 77.

A close up photo of the back of the Batmobile. The details I love this section is how the grey pieces come together to make the vents

Engines of the Batmobile. They are exposed so one can experience the engine turning when the Batmobile moves

The Bat ram (right) installs to the front of the Batmobile. Do take note that it can be hard to install the ram to the front. Either that or I have fat fingers

There are 2 positions for the ram. One if fully up which reveals the turbine and the other it partially up

Bat Ram moving up and down

One of the best pieces in the build. The Bat logo on the rims

The tyre is made of actual rubber. This is the last part of the build. With the tyres installed, the Batmobile build is officially completed

Completed build:


As usual, below is a list of all the pros and cons and the conclusion of what I think about the both the kits according to my personal experience.
- Nice display kit
- Lots of functions and play-ability
- Very menacing kit

- Very big kit which needs lots of space to display
- Instructions could be clearer

This is a very nice kit and the build for this kit is very satisfying. The only issue I find myself facing is when I go to a new step I will need to take some time to figure out where the pieces goes. To make matters worse, I need to sometimes backtrack when I stop building it a few days. This issue only arises when building the main body as all the pieces are black.

I wish Lego could just maybe zoom in on the section which is going to be built instead of showing the entire build and letting us figure out where the pieces go to.

Overall I would recommend this build and if you are lucky enough to get the original kit, please do so. The Lego masterbuilders have put in a lot of thoughts, efforts, time and sweat to make this possible. I have not been so lucky as all the shops are sold out and I doubt Lego will make a re-release of this.

All WIPs for the Decool 7116 Batmobile:

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