Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to order Gundam parts

Lost or broken parts? Have no fear... those in Japan. Yep, that's the bad part. For those are in Japan or has a friend in Japan can follow these steps shown by Rrobert184 to have a replacement part delivered.
Part 1:

Friday, December 19, 2014

PG Unicorn Gundam LED Installation

Let there be light

This will be the final part of the PG Unicorn. Here the folks from HLJ shows how to do the LED installation for the PG Unicorn. This seems to be the most complicated LED installation. The good part with the LED installation is that the wiring are already pre-fixed. All we need to do is to put it in their respective places and fix the connectors together.

The installation of the LED is different from the PG Wing Zero Custom where you will have to actually put the wire through the body and terminate it at the backpack. From the video, you can see that Bandai has really put a lot of thoughts to this kit. There are areas in the inner frame to hold the wires in place.
Anyways, here is the final video for the PG Unicorn so sit back and enjoy.

In case you missed the WIP of the PG Unicorn below are the links:

Part 1 - Videos, videos and more videos
Part 2 - Final parts

Thursday, December 4, 2014

PG Unicorn WIP video - Part 2

Final parts

I have linked 6 videos on the WIP of the Perfect Grade Unicorn in Part 1. Here I will share the final 2 videos for this year's highly anticipated kit. If there is one word to describe this kit it would be Awesome.
After viewing all the videos, I'm sure those of you who have pre-ordered this kit can't wait for the release date and start building. For those who could not get this kit, I hope watching all the videos would satisfy you as it did me. Anyways, enjoy the last two videos.

Monday, December 1, 2014

PG Unicorn WIP video - Part 1

Videos, videos and more videos got their hands on an early PG Unicorn and they are kind enough show the WIP for this kit. They  are releasing one video a day and each video contains a part of the build. There are currently 6 videos on this kit so far. Part 6 completes the unicorn build and I'm guessing Part 7 will be the weapons and Part 8 will be the final part with the transformation of the Unicorn.
Each video is about an hour long so sit back and enjoy.

Part 1:


Who will win?

One of my favourite youtube channel is Bat in the Sun. They have votes for fans to vote for their favourite character to win. This episode is a battle between my favourite hero and villain. I was torn between who to vote for to win the battle. From the logical side, Vader will win because he can use to force. On the other hand, Batman is clever and is always prepared for a battle. He does his research before going into any fights. Anyways, site back and enjoy the battle. 


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