Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Updates (20)

One collection complete, more to go
Greetings all. I would like to wish all the readers out there a Happy New Year. The resolution I made for the new year is to complete as many models/kits as I can in the year and trying to get the Lego UCS R2-D2 and Slave 1.
There are a few updates which happened during my absence from the blog. Firstly, I have finally acquired all the PG sets. Not all are original but a complete collection is still a complete collection. Secondly, I was in a video vignette with Nikon over the weekends. It was a fun and new experience. Thirdly, I managed get my hands on the Decool UCS Batmobile. Saw it hanging in a local bookshop and I knew if I didn't get it, there won't be another chance.
I have also taken a few photos of some of my collections which was not reviewed in this blog:

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