Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eggplane YF-19 - WIP 8 (Final)

YF-19 prepare to sortie
Since completing the assembly in the previous post, this post will be showing the completed kit and a comparison difference between an OOB build and a painted kit.
Top view of the completed YF-19
Back view of the completed YF-19

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Updates (18)

Some unexpected find
Recently went to one of the shopping malls on my little island and decided to pop into a bookshop just to check out the magazines and some books. After checking the books, went to the graphic comics section to see if there are any interesting comics to get.
After scanning the shelves, this caught my eye:
A complete set of the Death of Superman.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Eggplane YF-19 - WIP 7

Pay egg-stra attention to instructions in the manual

Having completed all the painting and decaling works in the previous post, it is time to egg-semble the kit.

Pieces of the kit waiting to be assembled
First part to assemble are the Fast Packs.

They are a bit tricky and requires some force. It was hard to align the pieces and I was afraid to scratch the paint job. Luckily it all turns out fine.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Eggplane YF-19 - WIP 6

An alternative approach
Had a long weekend recently so I decided to spend some time on the eggplane which was last worked on in February
Neural Gray was used to cover up the missing decal on the canopy.

There was a bit of problem while decaling the wings at the fast pack. When placing the decal, I found out that there is too little excess decals to properly wrap around the wings. If you try to move it around to fit, the decal will eventually tear (especially those on the smaller wings). After a few times trying, I gave up decaling and took out the black and red paints instead.

Monday, July 4, 2016

RG GP01 Zephyranthes - WIP 1

Building two kits together (again?)

This is not the first time I'm building 2 kits simultaneously. Remember the PG Astrays? That is still in the WIP stage when I did not manage to complete it before my work schedule went bonkers. A few days ago I did mentioned that I took out an RG kit and was about to start building but didn't have all the necessary stuff with me at the time. The day after, I to take the kit out together with its brother.  I have decided to start restart the hobby with:

The GP01 brothers
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