Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hexagon Collectibles - Captain America

Something unexpected
Today my missus passed to me something totally unexpected. She went out with one of her girlfriend yesterday to catch a movie. I couldn't meet/see her when she came home after her outing because I had to go work.
Today, she opened her bag and passed me this little fella:
Captain America

To get this figure, you will have to buy the Avengers popcorn combo. I'm not sure how long this promotion will last. I first knew about this when her friend suggested to watch Avengers at TGV a couple of weeks ago just to get the figure. When we went there, all the showtimes were too late so she ended up buying the Avengers popcorn combo and got the figure she wanted.
There are a total of 4 figures to collect: Thor, Ironman, Hulk and Captain America. All for are shown at the back of the box:
Back of the box
At the side of the box are the four superheroes:
Left and right side has the same picture
The top of the box has the Avengers: Age of Ultron words across is and the type of figure this is. They called is collectible hexagon because all four figures comes in their own hexagon. There is a minimum age to play with this figure.
Top of the box
The usual warnings and information are found at the bottom of the box:
Bottom of the box
Now that we have covered what was on the box, it is time to open the toy. There is a plastic on the top of the box for protection. Other than that, the figure just sits nicely in the box.
Captain America out of the box 

As you can see, Captain America is in his little hexagon case. The toy is made of soft rubber. The figure can swing left and right and that is all it can do. The backdrop and the figure are glued in place so this is just a display piece.
The interesting thing about this is if you have more than one, you can connect it at any side of the hexagon. All you have to do it just slide it into the holder. There are endless possible connections you can make to display the figures
Holder for other hexagon figures 
One side of the hexagon has a printed Avengers movie title:
 Avengers movie title
The back of the figure is very simple. From the back, you can see that the backdrop and the figure just slides into the hexagon. I tried to remove it but it won't move. I'm guessing they glued it in place in the factory to avoid kids loosing the figure and end up just having the hexagon to put other figures on.
 Back of the hexagon
At the bottom of the hexagon you will be able to find the Marvel logo printed on it:
Marvel printed at the bottom
That is all for this figure. Captain America cannot do any poses other than hold his shield in a fixed position. Before I go, I shall leave with a picture of Captain America in this hexagon ready to protect.

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