Thursday, May 4, 2017

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters - Legion class Prowl

 And so it begins
Sorry for the lack of post as life and work has kept me very busy and tired. I had this idea in my head for quite some time but as time passed, I forgot all about it until a recent internet search. The same idea which I had forgotten about came back but at a much larger scale.
Image from tfw2005
As can be seen in the picture above, TakaraTomy will be releasing a Trypticon which will be the same height as Transformers Generations Metroplex. The original idea was to get some Legion class toys to interact with Metroplex simce he comes with a Legion class Scramper. A few Decepticons to invade Metroplex while the Autobots protect their base.
With the new Trypticon being released in August this year (hoping to get my hands on one as I missed the pre-order), the original idea was then upgraded to having Metroplex and Trypticon battle each other with some (as many as I can get) Legion class bots battling each other either on or around the titans. In my mind  this will make a nice display set.
With that idea in my head, and so begins the buying hunt for Legion class figures.

The first few figures which was acquired is the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Prowl and Airachnid.

Legion class Prowl and Airachnid

Little did I know; at the time of purchase; I have already gotten my hands on Prowl when I had the original idea. I guess there is no harm in having more Police vehicle. Anyways, the first figure to be reviewed will be Prowl.


The packaging is a simple cardboard with clear plastic which has Prowl in robot mode holding the Justice Hammer. The back of the packaging shows the figure in both robot and alternate mode.
There is also technical data at the side of the box. This reminds me of the old G1 toys. At the bottom of the technical data states the figure class and is figure 6 in series 3.

Opening the plastic you will find the instruction.

A simple 10-step transformation to turn him from robot mode to vehicle mode.

Prowl in his plastic prison. There are a few transparent bands holding him onto the box. They are kind of hard to spot so what I did was the cut-pull-cut method.

Robot mode:

All I can say is that he looks good in robot mode. As expected from the Legion class, there is limited articulation for him.
Both his hands can go up in a surrender pose and holds the hammer/gun...

...and can also lift both hands to a 90° angle. Sadly there are no articulation for the elbows.
As for the feet, the only articulation are the feet and hips. There are also no articulation for him to turn left and right and bend his knees.

Vehicle mode:

There is nothing much to say about the vehicle mode except that it is nice. He transforms into a police car with the Autobots insignia found on the hood and at the side of both doors. The siren is lopsided to one side but nothing can be done to it.

Sides of the car
Bottom of the car. I am impressed with the bottom as most of the robot parts are well hidden.
The car is capable of attaching the hammer on either side. When I first put the hammer on, I was thinking it would be nice if there are 2 hammers to even it out. Now that I have 2 Prowl, I can have one in robot mode and the other in vehicle mode with 2 hammers attached to it.
That's the overall review of this figure. The only thing I can complain about this figure is the price range. I got Prowl and Airarchnid at an offer but the rest of the legion class bots are so much more expensive. I guess I have to let some items go to save and build an army of Legion bots.

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