Saturday, September 26, 2015

PG Red Frame - WIP 8

Missing caps here and there
I know I mentioned in one of the previous post that all work on the Red Frames will come to a halt. I figure I might as well complete what I was working on before my work schedule went bonkers. This way in future I won't have to try and figure out what I was working on and what was my idea for this kit when I decided to stop. I know that I should be working on the smaller kits instead but I promise that after this, I will either concentrate on them or start another small kit. Why another small kit? Well, if you compare any other kits (other than Mega Size) to this, all other kits are small. ^_^.
Back to the main purpose of this post. Since the inner frame of the upper legs was completed, the next work to be done will be the inner frame of the lower leg.

Parts of the lower legs separated into their respective color boxes

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Updates (4)

An unexpected purchase
Heard of Metal kit before? I first heard about it a few moons ago when GN Particles posted his WIP of the RX 78-2. From what I know, there were limited RX 78-2 and Zaku II metal kits produced at the time. From that day onwards, I've been seeing a lot of small kiosk in shopping malls selling the metal kits but they are mainly of iconic landmarks. My search for the Gundam and Zaku II metal kits are still on-going.
Went to Borders a couple of months ago and to my surprise, they have some Star Wars kit on sale but what was in stock was the AT-AT and destroyer droid. Those did not catch my interest so I didn't get it. 2 things can happen from here on: 1) Hope they will restock it with other kits and 2) this is their only stock and when it is sold out, it is sold out.
To my surprise when I went to Boarders today, they have replenished the kits with a new stock. I took a quick scan through the piles and saw some new and interesting kits which caught my attention. They were also limited kits so if I pass this opportunity again, I would be kicking myself. Therefore I applied the saying mentioned in the previous post: "When in doubt, buy".

Friday, September 18, 2015

Updates (3)

When in doubt, buy
I saw that verse a few years ago when I was in the UK at a shopping district. It was printed in a big eye catching font and placed at a very strategic location. I have been using this for a few years now. As with everything and anything in life, it has its own good and bad points.
Let's start with the bad. With this verse constantly replaying in your head, you will be tempted to buy anything you set your eyes at. This is good if you have a bottomless pit of cash in your bank account. This can seriously make you go bankrupt or be in a lot of debt. Like everything in life, moderation is the best way to go.
The good thing is whenever you are in doubt means you really want the item but cannot decide if it was worth it to get. Mostly at this stage you will be weighing the pros and cons and getting more confused and frustrated. This is where the verse comes in. It is better to buy when you are in doubt and thinking about it day and night than not getting it and regret it when you don't see the item anymore on the shelf. This is even more frustrating if it is a limited item and online store prices are ridiculously expensive.

Updates (2)

A change in perspective is good

Found out about this article earlier in the day and I just finished reading it. It is about scale modelling and the best part of it is that it is written from the wife's perspective. It is an interesting article and what the writer writes about is so true.
The biggest challenge is to get my wife to read it and so she can understand and know Why Scale Modeling is a Great Hobby.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Some smaller kits - WIP 1

What is your scale?
Mentioned in the last post, I will be doing some smaller kits. When I mentioned that, I don't think these guys popped into your mind. I'm betting you are thinking in the size of 1/200 or maybe even SD gundam. I assure you that that is not the case.
I happen to come across them by chance in a sundry shop in my neighbourhood. I went there with my missus to look for some cheap hangers and toys for her nephews. While browsing the shop, I saw a few lego minifigures (bootleg), bubble blowing chemical and a few of these hanging on a cardboard. Did a quick scan through and there was only 2 different types available. Since it cost only MYR 3.90, I got them both.
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