Saturday, August 27, 2016

RG GP01(s) - WIP 2

Core Fighters, Transform and block-up!!
Mentioned in the previous post, we will make a quick size comparison between the two core fighters and have a look at their transformation process.

Comparison between the two core fighter-II.  As you can see, the CFII is way slimmer than the Fb. I understand that the CFII design is for it to be agile but the design makes it looks anorexic and out of proportion.

Monday, August 15, 2016

RG GP01Fb Full Burnern - WIP 1

 Same same but different

Originally I wanted to panel line all the whites using the pencil method like what I did for Zephyranthes. It was around this time that an idea hit me. Instead of using pencil, I will be using the Tamiya Accent (Gray) for panel lining and comparing it with the pencil.
The first thing I did was taking out all the runners which contain white and panel lined them.

All white pieces panel lined. Sorry for the unclear pictures. My phone recently died so I'm currently using a temporary phone for the pictures
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