Saturday, April 26, 2014

PG Wing Zero Custom (Pearl Mirror) - WIP 4

The previous post was the last bit of details which was left to do for this kit. After that the only thing to do it to fix the parts together and display him.

Not many photos of the completed kit as this fella is very back heavy and hard to balance. I tried to just stand him up but his waist was not strong enough to support the wings. This kit should have came with a stand. If I'm not mistaken, only 3 PGs comes with a stand. They are:

1) PG Strike + Skygrasper
2) PG 00 Raiser
3) PG GP01

The stand being used is the Clear display stand meant for MG and HG kits. The trick to displaying or posing this fella is the balancing. For now, this will be how the WZC will be displayed until I have the courage to change the pose. If you missed any of the previous WIP, there is a link below so do check it out.

PG Wing Zero Custom (Pearl Mirror) - WIP 1
PG Wing Zero Custom (Pearl Mirror) - WIP 3

Update (08/03/15)

Recently got a custom made display case after searching everywhere for a PG size case. I didn't want to risk putting it on a display stand on the top most shelf when it is not stable. There is the constant nagging in my head that this will fall down one day and all your hard work will go down the drain (or in the bin).

Since this kit has a hard time standing up on its own, I decided to put it kneeling down while holding the Twin Buster Rifles in one hand. To avoid people asking me the same question about what model and other details, I included a small tag in the display. Tag consist of:

1 - Box art
2 - Scale
3 - Name of model
4 - Manufacturer logo
5 - Grade

New display case and pose

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