Sunday, April 26, 2015

PG Astrays - WIP 6

Sexy legs with tons of armor parts
Since the upper leg was completed in the previous WIP, this post will be concentrating on the lower leg and finally putting both together to see how it will turn out. All the parts of the lower leg inner frame is lined up to confirm that there are no missing parts.
Parts of the lower leg inner frame

Saturday, April 18, 2015

PG Astrays - WIP 5

Too much bending is bad for the joints

In WIP 4, the foot armor was left in the undercoat silver. Having decided to do a Blue Frame, I picked up the candy blue spray from a hardware shop nearby and started painting the armor parts.

Parts waiting for the paint to dry
Also mentioned in the previous post that leg will be split into 2 sections: The upper and lower leg. This is to not mix up too many parts together. Another reason is my box is not big enough for all the armor and inner frame parts to go in. By doing this I get to reduce the workload and hopefully don't get burnout too soon.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

PG Astrays- WIP 4

Another set feet?

2 BanDai feet were completed in previous post. Now is time to work on the other 2 feet by Daban. The inner frame will be the same color except for the pipes and thrusters. By doing it this way, I will be able to differentiate between the two models without keeping them in separate boxes. The color of the armor will also be different. I have decided to go with the Blue Frame because I already have the TA ready. Suggestions are still welcome until I start painting the armor.

Ran into some minor fitting issues while assembling the feet. The pieces are hard to snap together. They do go well together once they are in place. Just need to use a bit of force to close them properly. Also make sure that the parts assembled are correct else you will have a fun time trying to disassemble them.

23 parts for the feet
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