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ToyWorld TW-D03: Grimshell - Part 1

Better late than never
The last review for the ToyWorld dinobots combiner was Roar which was done in 2015. How fast time has passed. I guess now is as good a time as any to start and complete the review of the dinobots. The next dino in the set is Grimlock Grimshell.
 Front of the box. The artwork for Grimshell looks very impressive and menacing. The box is also much bigger than the Roar and Muddy's.

One side of the box shows the figure in robot mode and the other side of the box shows the back the robot and T-rex mode.
The back of the box shows how the figure looks like in both robot and dinosaur mode.
Box comparison of Grimshell, Roar and Muddy.

The box opens the same way as the others. It opens up like a shoe box. The first thing to greet you when you open the box is the instruction sheet.

The instruction sheet is nicely vacuum packed with the sticker and technical card (right). There are a lot of steps to transforming Grimshell...

...which includes opening the seal and opening the instruction sheet up and turning it over. The first thing I noticed is that it has the instruction for transforming Grimshell to combiner mode. Something which was missing in the first two.
Removing the instruction sheet reveals the Styrofoam with the ToyWorld name 'embossed' in it.

Removing the top Styrofoam reveals Grimshell in a swimming position with all the combiner parts.
Either that or he fell splat from a very high place.
The combiner accessories included are:
1 - Left & Right feet
Look how shiny the toes are. One thing I noticed from the ToyWorld line are that all the bots are very shiny. Bling-Bling !!

The feet has ankle movement which allows it to move up. As shown in the above picture, the toes are large and stable enough to have the ankle angled up without losing balance.

The ankle joint can also be tilted either left or right depending on the feet. So make sure that the feet are correct when combining them.
2 - Left & Right hand
One thing to note that the fingers and claws are extremely sharp. Do take extra care when handling these parts especially if there are small kids around.

Each fingers can be individually moved. There are 2 joints for each fingers which allows the fingers to have a wide range of articulation. Only the thumb has a more limited articulation compared to the rest.

 How the fingers look like from anther angle

Top view of the hand

The fingers do ball up into a nice looking fist with the claws protruding out. Reminds me of Wolverine
3 - Chest connector
The chromed pieces can be moved individually.

At the other end of the chromed pieces are missiles which can be attached to Grimshell both dino mode.

The entire missile block can be opened up 90°.
4 - A small clear ziplock bag
The small zip lock bag contains 2 antenna for the head of the combiner and a face plate / mask.

Grimshell comes with 2 accessories which are the guns... 

...and a sword
With the accessories out of the way, it is time to bring in the main star of the show 

The figure is very stable with only two feet on the ground.

There is a hidden flamethrower in the mouth which is nicely concealed at the lower jaw. In order to use it, just pull it up...

...and Grimshell will have a ready access flamethrower
The back of Grimshell is nice. It really does pay homage to the G1 character. I like how the chromed and red pieces are there to break the grey parts

The fingers can be moved individually and they are also sharp. Come to think of it, everything is sharp on this set so just take extra precaution. is a T-Rex anyways so parts will be sharp.

Grimshell doing the wave. The hands are on ball joints which allows the hands for a more dynamic pose.

The claws can be turned either all the up or down to show that he is injured (down) or has sprained his hand (up).

He also has elbow joints which can be straightened or bent.

Grimshell: "I believe I can fly"

 The head can be bent downwards looking at its prey or bent all the way up to do the victory roar

 Grimshell doing the victory roar
There are ratchet joints at the hips which allows Grimshell to be in different positions. There also no weight or balancing issues present.

The knees can be bent 90°. From what I see, this pose can be used for Grimshell jumping onto his enemies if you have the display stand which is able to withstand his weight

Baby Grimshell crying and showing temper...

...Or picking up things from the floor.
The legs can be turned 90° . Even with this pose, he has no issue with balancing.

A little comparison with the MP Grimlock. The first impression I got was the ToyWorld version looks more like the animated Grimlock. MP Grimplock is taller than ToyWorld's by a bit. There are more chromed parts on the TW than on MP which is nice. If comparing bulk, both are almost the same.
There are hole available at either side of his legs. Those are for attaching his weapons.

Attaching the sword....

...and the double barrel gun. The sword seems okay but I prefer to attach the gun in another location. But before we can do that, I will need the missile pods.

The holes at the back are for the missile pods.

Grimshell armed are ready

On the missile pods, there are 4 holes which fits the pegs of the double barrel guns.


Heavy artillery T-Rex on the move. Somehow this reminds me of the cartoon Dino-Riders.

Another method of carrying the sword is by letting him carry it using his mouth

He does size well with the previously released Roar and Muddy

For now, all I can say is that Grimshell in dino mode is very well articulated. There are a lot of different poses you can put him in. He does look good with or without the weapons and his scale is correct with Roar and Muddy. Up till now, I'm very impressed with Grimshell.

That's it for this post. Original plan was to complete the review in one post but I guess there were too many things to cover. Anyways, the next post will be about Grimshell in robot mode and we will see him in combiner mode.

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