Wednesday, July 18, 2018

DC Super Heroes blind packs

An unexpected find

A quick update before the post on the blind packs. Started a new job and will be busier than usual. The responsibilities are still the same as the previous job mentioned in this post. Only difference is the salary and the benefits offered which are way better than the previous company.

I am also taking the Demak out more often now as I now have a 'temporary permit' to ride it to work. This is considered a milestone to me as I always wanted to the bike to work. Gives me time to collect my thoughts of the day.

Recently I have been thinking of creating a bucket list and either post it here or create another blog for it. It will consist of all the things I want to do and there will be a post on the adventure when it is completed. Still undecided on what I want to do yet so all suggestions are welcomed.

Anyways, back to the post. I went into Times bookstore and was browsing around when something caught my eye. It was the Star Wars wrist band. Took a look at it and next to it was a box filled with blind packs from DC Comics.

This is Series 1 and I have no idea how long it was released or when it was released. Took a look at the back to see who was up for grabs and immediately knew who I wanted to get: Batman

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sheng Yuan SY630A Ironman's Mecha

Another brick set
Here is another brick set From Sheng Yuan. It is their take of the Hulkbuster. This is a quick post of this kit. Mainly photos with pros and cons and conclusions at the bottom.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bela 10226 Man-Bat Attack NightWing Helicopter

A quick build to de-stress

This is a quick built to de-stress as there are so many things happening in my life. Read in an article that in order to better deal with stress, you will need to one of the following from T.E.A.R.S. (Talk, Exercise, Artistic expression, Recording or writing experiences and Sobbing). What I went for is the third option which is Artistic approach. 
This kit is a knock-off replica of the Lego Man-Bat Attack from Bela. It has all the mini-figs and accessories as the original counterpart.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sabertrio Skylar FX Lightsaber - New Upgrade

Third time's a charm

About a month or so ago Sabertrio contacted me to inform that I need to send  Skylar back for a new chassis which is made from delrin. The old chassis was 3d printed ABS where they had to sand down the chassis to make it smoother to slide out but the end result was not pleasing to the eye. Another issue with the 3D printed chassis is because it was a pain in the neck to remove and more pain in the neck to slide back in.

During the one month plus of absence, I felt like something was missing. I was beginning to miss Skylar even though I did not use it a lot. I was attached to Skylar maybe because it is my first saber.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Metal Earth: Destroyer Droid

Patience is the key to success 
The last Metal Earth kit done was the AT-AT back in 2015. There are more kits available but I was not allowed to get them until I have completed all the backlog. This time round I will be building the Destroyer Droid.
Front and back of the packaging.
Same as the AT-AT, it comes with 2 metal sheets and an instruction sheet.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ToyWorld TW-D03: Grimshell - Part 2 (Final)

A little comparison
Last post was about Grimshell in the T-rex mode. In this post, I will look at Grimshell in both his robot and combiner mode. Transformation from dino to robot is a bit frustrating and there are a few guessing works to be done as the instructions are not clear. Same as Muddy and Roar. I guess the same can be said for the other 2 dinobots as well.

There is something about him in robot mode that brings out the WOW which cannot be captured in the picture. When you look at him in person you can feel his 'presence'. There are tabs all over which you need to make sure that they are properly tab in for the figure to be secure especially the legs.

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